What I Want to Communicate to Myself and Others

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Well Being

What I Want to Communicate to Myself and Others

By Eric Faria

Every December, it is common to reassess what the past 12 months have meant.
When you take a moment to evaluate where you were one year ago, and where you are now, is the balance positive or negative?
In 2019, we will have 365 opportunities to be the best version of ourselves – eat healthier, exercise more, get more quality sleep, pay attention to our spirit and have clearer minds. Here’s the question: how much do you want to achieve these goals?

A new year is about to start; let’s get to work!

Here are 5 steps to start living an authentic life, one worthy of you:

  1. Focus

What is it that you really want? What would make you, even in the face of adversity, get up in the morning with a smile on your face, ready to take action?

This may sound obvious – and I will tell you right now – it is not. I have asked clients, past and present, what they wanted for themselves and virtually every time, I got a confused look, awkward silence and/or “I don’t know” as an answer. I often joke that if they went to a travel agency and responded the same way, their agent would end up sending them to Antarctica and they would be fine with it. After all, when you don’t know the direction you want to go, wherever you end up is good.

  1. Planning

The second part of the equation is having a plan of action. Focus without a plan is useless, and a plan without focus will not get you very far. What are the things you need to get accomplished? By when? Give yourself S.M.A.R.T. goals. The acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results in Time.

  1. Action

Now, it’s showtime. Put yourself out there. One huge obstacle for people is thinking that the presence of physical fear symptoms means they cannot take action. You can be terrified, with a quick pulse or shaky hands or shallow breaths, and still do things. It is the step that counts, not your feeling regarding it. Think about it: there is no “perfect moment.” There will always be later. You know this is true, especially if you are a procrastinator. In order to substitute old habits for newer, better ones, you need to take different action. You deserve it!

  1. Go Beyond

You and I have heard the adage: “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” I venture to go further and say that if it was comfortable, everyone would do it. Once you are taking action, you start to stretch your boundaries and find out that while it may not have been easy or pleasant at first, you got through it and came out a better person from your experience.

  1. Celebrate

When you reach a goal, be it small or huge, honor your effort! Treat yourself, take a day off, get creative. Just make sure that you reward your commitment. This is a crucial step that is often overlooked.

To every reader who has followed my work this year, I want to thank you!
Repeat to yourself: I am valuable, I am capable, I deserve the best.


Happy New Year!


Eric Faria is a Communication & Synergy Specialist, Podcaster, Speaker and Columnist. He produces and hosts the TV Show, I AM with Eric Faria, available on YouTube. The show is also a podcast on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. To schedule your initial consultation with him, send an email to eric@ericfaria.com.


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December 5, 2018

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