Ubuntu: “I am because we are”

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Ubuntu: “I am because we are”

By Emanuela Palmares

This holiday season, the Tribuna family would like to wish its readers, advertisers, supporters and all the communities it serves – the spirit of “Ubuntu.”

Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1984, for his opposition to apartheid in South Africa, describes the translation of the word Ubuntu as “I am because we are.”

“Africans have a thing called Ubuntu. We believe that a person is a person through other persons. That my humanity is caught up, bound up, inextricably, with yours. When I dehumanize you, I dehumanize myself. The solitary human being is a contradiction in terms. Therefore you seek to work for the common good because your humanity comes into its own in community, in belonging.”

As we begin 2020, we will be challenged as individuals, as a community and as a nation to dehumanize each other by focusing on what divides us. But if we seek the spirit of Ubuntu, if each of us acknowledges each other’s humanity amidst our discord, all may not be lost.

With our hearts filled with gratitude, we wish a Happy Holidays to all!

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December 4, 2019

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