The Story of Tiffany Araujo

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The Story of Tiffany Araujo

By Maria Danniella Gutiérrez- Salem Foreign Lawyer – Venezuela

Our interviewee today is Tiffany Araujo. Tell me how your story begins? “To be honest, I must admit that my life began in Minas Gerais, a state located in northern Brazil, where the main economic activity is agriculture. My parents are from that area. They emigrated 30 years ago to this wonderful country, where I was born. They did not want my siblings to grow up in poverty, without the opportunity to study or to have a life where the salary is barely enough for food and where small things, like going to the movies, are a luxury that one cannot afford.”

“My parents do not have university degrees, but they are the most respectable people I know. They are always mindful of people around them, careful about doing what is right and, above all, supporting both my brothers and me in everything we have undertaken.”

“One of the most exciting moments of my life was when I received my first diploma for completing the first two years of college. I walked to receive it and everything was blurry because I was full of tears. That is when I felt I was walking for them both. Another important moment was recently, when I got a loan with my boyfriend to buy a house. Again, they made me feel that it was worth their work and leaving their country to come here.”

“I am very fortunate to have devoted parents and a boyfriend who understands, accepts and completes me. I say completes, because when I am not sure about something, we both look for the answer. I love him deeply and hopefully, we share our life as my parents have: as spouses and companions and, together, face everything.”

Are you still studying? “Yes, I work and study. It is not always easy because after a full eight-hour day, going to classes is exhausting, but I repeat to myself that every journey has its obstacles, and in my case, the fatigue will not stop me. I am very accelerated, I speak fast, I think fast, and maybe, that is why I love technology so much. I always find a way to reduce the steps to do everything. I like to stand out and to achieve that, you have to give and learn more than the rest of the people. Studying for me is the opportunity not only to improve my life but also to guarantee that, when the time comes, I will have the financial means to take care of my parents as they have taken care of me. I just have to mention that I need something and my mother surprises me by giving me what I need. It’s beautiful when, besides being your parents, they are your friends.”

Do you speak Portuguese? “Yes, I speak Portuguese and I also speak Spanish, Danbury is full of Hispanic people. I must admit that I like diversity. On the other hand, knowing more than one language is a tool when looking for a job. In my case, it was very useful in my work with the prestigious Ventura Law firm, since they manage a large volume of Spanish-speaking clients. Now I will work in another area, but I must say that I learned a lot and also always did my best. That’s something my parents have taught me, that only those who give everything can receive everything.”

What do you want for your future? “I want to be successful and serve the community that has given me so much. There are many things I want to do!”

What do you think can change your life at this time? “I think it would be a scholarship. I very much want to continue studying and it becomes difficult because the costs of enrollment are very high. When I’m in classes, I always notice people who are there only in body, but not in soul. I try to understand them but I cannot because I enjoy every class. That’s why I always sit in the front row to see and hear everything, and not miss any detail. I dream of studying until receiving a doctorate and being an inspiration to others who, like me, strive to obtain recognition. Who knows? Maybe, one day I can give a scholarship to a young man full of dreams. I would love that.”

What would be your final message be? “The family, the couple, studies and work are the pillars of our life. We must strive to maintain the perfect balance, which is none other than giving one’s best every day. Being tired cannot be an excuse; let love force us to carry on.”


María Danniella Gutiérrez-Salem practiced law in Venezuela before going after her own American Dream and becoming a writer in the United States. She is also a licensed realtor, and can be reached at or by calling 475-289-1461.


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August 23, 2018

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