The Benefit of Private Education with the Added Comfort of a Religious Community

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The Benefit of Private Education with the Added Comfort of a Religious Community

By Angela Barbosa

Selecting the right school for your children is challenging and yet can make an extraordinary difference in their moral and social development, in addition to their academic success. 

Each private school has its own set of standards, and will vary in its ideology, practice and pedagogy. St. Mary School, for instance, a pre-K through eighth grade school, is known for its excellent academics as well as guided character development, exciting after-school activities and a nurturing, family atmosphere.  

Although many may think that a private school may be financially difficult to accommodate, St. Mary offers financial assistance packages that will make the school an affordable option for all families.  

Bethel resident Roger Araujo, a Brazilian native, was impressed with St. Mary’s academic and religious curriculum in addition to the school efforts to communicate and engage parents in their children’s education. 

“We started to look for a school online, and St. Mary’s reviews were excellent. Then, my wife and I decided with no doubt that with the staff, the religious and family environment, the location, which is only 5 minutes from our home, St. Mary was the right school for our kids,” said Araujo.  

Araujo has three children attending St. Mary, Hugo in 5th, Enzo in 3rd and Melissa in 1st grades. 

For Jacinto Perez, whose daughters, ten-year-old Miranda, in 5th grade, and Alexandra, a four-year-old in pre-K 4, choosing St. Mary was fundamental in helping them solidify their children’s religious values. “We loved the academic level the school offers, and at the same time, it helps our daughters to harvest their spiritual faith, and develop a connection with God.”  

All that work does not stop when the final bell rings. 

“Classes may end, but our day continues!” explains school Principal Greg Viceroy. “Besides having an after-care program (available to 6pm) for working parents, St. Mary School also offers various enrichment activities (including dance, debate, meditative coloring, music and drama, to name a few) and exciting sports teams (such as basketball, track, cheer) to join. With so many options to choose from, our students can pick and choose what interests them!”  

No one is better than the parents themselves to perceive that students who have attended a faith-based program tend to form stronger religious identities as adults. 

“The whole St. Mary’s team is very attentive and dedicated to give the best to all the students and creating a family environment where you feel like home,” shared Perez. 

In agreement with Perez, Araujo expressed content and certainty that St. Mary was the best choice for his children.  

“Absolutely, any time someone asks me about St. Mary, we recommend it. From office workers, teachers, the principal, they are all very professional and dedicated. St. Mary was the best choice for our kids and I can guarantee you that the school will exceed your expectations. We love St. Mary School,” concluded Araujo.  

St. Mary School offers tuition-assistance packages and special funding that will allow parents to invest in their child’s future. Director of Enrollment, Linda Garvey, can provide information via email or by calling 203-744-2922.   

The school is located at 24 Dodgingtown Rd., Bethel.  Visit its website at and its Facebook page at “St. Mary School, Bethel” for more details. 

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January 19, 2018

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