Pure Physique: “More Is Always Less When It Comes to Exercise”

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Pure Physique: “More Is Always Less When It Comes to Exercise”

By By Angela Barbosa

When you engage yourself in a workout regime that requires more than your real life can cope with, chances are that you won’t be able to keep it up after a few months or even weeks. Opting for  something realistic, which can be done without causing stress or frustration due to the lack of time, proves more effective and long-lasting.

If time is keeping you away from achieving your New Year’s resolutions, embracing Pure Physique’s workout philosophy may be the answer.

Called “The Mastermind,” Mike Lipowski, founder and Chief Exercise Officer of Pure Physique (PP), works to inspire people to live fit and to give them the practical means to do it. Voted Westchester’s “Best Personal Trainer,” Mike is an international fitness author and speaker, professional natural bodybuilder and father of two boys.  He’s also president of the International Association of Resistance Trainers (IART).

Douglas Schur, an IART Level I Fitness Clinician and owner of the Danbury Pure Physique location, uncovered a passion for training that led him to begin helping others realize their own personal best.
“Here at Pure Physique, we help people transform their bodies without cardio, calorie counting or more than 90 minutes of exercise a week. We specialize in 30-minute workouts to help people burn fat, build and tone muscle, and increase strength and energy,” said Schur.

Thirty minutes, no cardio?

“A lot of people think that in order to lose weight you have to spend hours on the treadmill or do long, boring cardio,” explained Luke Ascencao, Fitness Clinician level. “More is always less when it comes to exercise… You can work long, or you can work hard; but you can’t do both.”

Personal Trainer Kassidy Schupp believes that workout strategy makes PP stand out from the crowd. “The philosophy is only two to three 30-minute workouts a week and, despite what many believe, it is all that is necessary. Pure Physique also offers accountability, coaching, and a nutrition program to make sure that clients can reach their goals and achieve a healthier lifestyle.”

Trainers at PP speak from their own experience and struggles with finding fitness. Ascencao, 22, for instance, became a trainer two years ago after losing over 50 pounds as a former Pure Physique client. “I went from dreading exercise and hating to work out, to loving it and eventually becoming certified as a fitness clinician.”

For Schur, a healthy, positive mindset is what you need. Together with his trainers, he customizes the ideal workout routine that is feasible and will make people feel their best.

“Everyone is busy with work, school, family, or all of the above. Personally, I believe in the philosophy that three 30-minute, high-intensity workouts a week is feasible and effective. Whether it is before work, after work, or on a lunch break, I believe that everyone can make time for a 30-minute workout a few times each week,” said Schupp.

PP offers one-on-one Personal Training and Group Resistance Training (GRT), which holds no more than four people per trainer.

“I believe that Pure Physique is a diverse community in itself. Our trainers are all different ages and from all different backgrounds. The only two things that I will say we all have in common is a passion for fitness and a passion for people and goals,” concluded Schupp.

Pure Physique Danbury is located at 93 Mill Plain Road. For more information or to join Doug’s team, please call 203-621-8114 or visit http://www.purephysique.com.

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March 9, 2020

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