Volunteers Needed: Come Be Part of Something Special!

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Volunteers Needed: Come Be Part of Something Special!

By Amy Faith Lionheart

This is quite a busy summer in Volunteer Services at Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital and Norwalk Hospital. We have some upcoming needs for which you might be interested in volunteering!

Mission Health Day 2018 will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2018! We are looking for volunteers aged 18 and over to assist on the day of the event as well as before and after the event.

Mission Health Day is a very special event with a very special mission, to build awareness of and seamless access to local services, to build trusting relations between providers and patients and to connect residents to a medical home and affordable insurance programs.  Not one person left the event untouched last year.

Mission Health Day is being led by a large team of WCHN volunteers, representing many departments in collaboration with Western CT State University, The American Dream Foundation and Boehringer Ingelheim. As a team, we seek to share our services with those in need. All are invited to join us as we bring our mission to life and connect community members with essential health screenings, services and amenities.

Beginning September 1, at each of our hospitals, as well as some of the larger WCMG practices, we will be collecting donations of winter coats, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. and this year, we are really looking for value packs of thick tube socks for men and women. We can use some help from you to beautify the donation bins for us by helping to wrap them in wrapping paper. If you are interested in assisting with the preparation of these boxes, please let me know. Wrapping will take place in the Volunteer Services office on 6 South.

We are especially looking for volunteers who speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently. If you think you have got what it takes to communicate with attendees who speak limited English, please let me know as we could really use your help.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please visit https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/9fbd6581857a417699baa7b376442098 to register for attendance at a volunteer orientation prior to the event.


For more information, please contact Amy Faith Lionheart, NEADHVS Membership Chair, WCHN’s Network Manager of Volunteer Services at 203-739-7277.



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September 5, 2018

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