New Milford-Based Ministry to Hold Gala for Dominican Republic Relief

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New Milford-Based Ministry to Hold Gala for Dominican Republic Relief

By Ryan Stewart

Diana Bryant Ministries, an independent church and non-profit outreach organization from New Milford, will be holding a fundraiser gala to benefit a city in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, June 2, at Danbury’s Amber Room Colonnade.

The gala, entitled “We Are Barahona,” and organized by the organization’s overseas humanitarian relief program, Hope In Action, will be held from 6 to 11 p.m. at the catering venue’s location at 1 Stacey Road. Tickets for general admission to the gala, at $100 each, are being sold at the Diana Bryant Ministries website, at the page, until the cutoff date of May 23, but will remain open for individual donations after the deadline. According to the organization’s founders and website, admission includes appetizers, a three-course meal (including wine), raffles and silent auctions, speakers, cultural performances featuring the Dominican Republic and live entertainment throughout the evening.

Proceeds from the gala will benefit the families of the city of Barahona, also known as Santa Cruz, one of the Dominican Republic’s most economically important urban hubs—a center for coffee and sugar production and a well-known tourist destination.

Fondly deemed “the Caribbean’s Bride” for its natural beauty, Barahona is home to over 100,000 people, many of whom remain deeply impoverished despite their city’s economic importance. Hence, in an effort to “bring hope” to the children of Barahona, and to aid the city’s women and agricultural community, Diana Bryant Ministries plans to use the money raised, both by selling gala tickets and soliciting independent donations, to build a new school and homes in the city, and to provide clothes, educational supplies, food, hygienic products and toys to the children who live there.

Diana Bryant Ministries was founded as 501 (c)(3) nonprofit by Diana Bryant, an author, immigrant and self-styled Christian Life Coach, with her husband, Chris Bryant, roughly a year and a half ago in New Milford.

The Hope In Action program, which arranges the organization’s relief efforts, was developed by Lucas Pimentel, a friend of Bryant, in the late spring of last year. Hope In Action’s goal is to expand its outreach efforts to multiple countries, beginning with its work in the Dominican Republic.

“Being from Colombia and working in the DR [Dominican Republic], I get asked a lot: ‘Why the DR?’ And my answer is always the same: ‘I didn’t choose to help the children in the Dominican Republic; God did!’ I strongly believe that no matter where we are from, hunger, lack of education and the absence of children’s crucial needs are the same. This is a time for all of us, regardless of where we are from, to come together and share with children around the world our abundant blessings,” said Bryant.

You can learn more about Diana Bryant Ministries and its work, and make donations to the We Are Barahona project, by visiting its website at A Spanish-language version of the site is available at

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May 23, 2018

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