Welcoming and Caring Volunteers are the Hallmark of Ann’s Place

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Welcoming and Caring Volunteers are the Hallmark of Ann’s Place

By Candy Dayana Dube

I remember the first time I walked into Ann’s Place and felt the warmth and care of the staff and volunteers. What surprised me was the sheer number of people needed and willing to help to make it possible to offer cancer support services to families in our community free of charge. It truly does take a village and at Ann’s Place, you can see how powerful it is when a community comes together to support one another.
During the next few months, we will be learning a little about the people who are part of this village.
This month, we are focusing on Nancy, one of our 900+ volunteers who make Ann’s Place a little brighter.

How did you initially get involved at Ann’s Place? 

After retiring, I was looking for volunteer opportunities. I knew about Ann’s Place and called for an interview, met with Lynne and the rest is history.

What attracted you here? 

My mother died from colon cancer over 20 years ago. Nothing like Ann’s Place was available to her. I wanted to be part of a place that is making a difference for those dealing with cancer.

What are some of your roles and responsibilities here? 

I work at the front desk every Wednesday evening as a receptionist answering the phone and welcoming clients to their groups. I meet with the knitting group on Thursdays. I have volunteered at various fundraisers, including the Festival of Trees and the Golf tournament. I have been volunteering at Ann’s Place for about three years now.

What do you find most fulfilling; what keeps you coming back? 

I love chatting with the clients as they come in for their groups. The atmosphere at Ann’s Place is so welcoming and caring. Every staff member is so welcoming and caring.

What is a memorable moment and/or how has Ann’s Place impacted your life? 

One of my most memorable moments was when a client asked to me to join the knitting group after seeing me knit at the front desk. I have made some amazing connections with this group.

What is something you would want to share with someone who has never been to Ann’s Place?

When anyone asks me about Ann’s Place, I tell them to take advantage of all that it offers – that they will be welcomed with open arms.


Written by Candy Dayana Dube, LCSW Bilingual Clinical Social Worker at Ann’s Place. Interviewing Nancy Benzing, Ann’s Place volunteer. 


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March 9, 2020

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