Green Plus, a Natural and Organic Food Choice Now at Padaminas Bakery Padaminas Bakery Launches Green Plus, a Natural and Organic Food Choice

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Green Plus, a Natural and Organic Food Choice Now at Padaminas Bakery Padaminas Bakery Launches Green Plus, a Natural and Organic Food Choice

By Karla Rensch

Many studies show that one of the main concerns of contemporary societies is pursuing a better quality of life. Nowadays, we see individuals who aspire not only to material gain. Besides success and personal ascension, they yearn for health and a long life. The result of this quest for life conditions that are more stable and ecologically sustainable is reflected by a considerable increase in the consumption of natural and organic products.

According to a recent study by the NDP Group (an American market research company), today about 77 percent of the American population seeks healthier, alternative eating habits. The consumption of natural and organic products in the country, for instance, has increased on average by 30 percent over the past years. Data from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) show that more than 6,000 small grocery shops are supplied by small growers or farmer’s markets that sell mainly fruits, vegetables and grains. From 1995 to the present, there has been a 250 percent increase in this type of market. After 2010, there was an increase of more than 19 percent compared to previous results, meaning that a very large slice of the market desires to be well and healthy, and to nurture their bodies.

The Brazilian community residing in the United States has recognized that profitable slice of the market. Today, we find several Brazilian businesses that stand out by catering to consumers that are loyal in their quest for a better quality of life.

We find health coaches specialized in helping people change their eating habits, businesses that work in conjunction with personal trainers to create diversified menus, as well as fitness professionals who offer personalized plans to assist those who want to get in shape and maintain the ideal weight. The choices are many and the selection of offers available is almost as great as the demand.

After observing that his clients were looking for more light and healthy food choices, Pedro Coelho, owner of Padaminas Bakery, Buffet & BBQ, a well-known restaurant in downtown Danbury, decided to innovate his business with a creative and trendy idea. He diversified his business by creating a “Green Plus, eat fresh, and live well” space, where clients can consume healthier eating choices and order a salad as they wish, with a great variety of fresh products. In addition to a salad, at Green Plus, you can also order smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and a myriad of wrap sandwiches made to order.

Coelho also shares that delivery is available to better serve his clientele that loves the green universe his business now offers the local community.

Just call (203) 917-4977, place your order and in 20 minutes, you will savor a delicious and healthy meal. Call Padaminas and check it out!

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December 22, 2017

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