Excellence & Tradition at St. Mary School in Bethel

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Excellence & Tradition at St. Mary School in Bethel

By Greg Viceroy Principal, St. Mary School

While society changes and evolves, one fact always remains: a quality education is the key to success. St. Mary, a pre-k through eighth grade school, provides excellent academics as well as guided character development, exciting after-school activities and a nurturing, family atmosphere. Now, the opportunity to attend our great school is a reality through financial assistance packages that will make St. Mary School an affordable option for all families.

St. Mary School is guided by an incredibly dedicated faculty. Our teachers know each child, along with their families and are able to personalize the learning experience so that every student is learning in a comfortable yet challenging environment. Our small class size is the key to our success! In many other schools, the classes are too large for the teacher to effectively engage each student. At St. Mary School, our class size allows each teacher to work with students one-on-one or in small groups. This allows each student to receive targeted instruction that will promote learning, allowing each student to gain the confidence that will propel them into the next lesson. Our teachers stay after school on a daily basis to help students who may need extra attention.

Once the final bell rings, classes may end, but our day continues! Besides having an After-Care program (available to 6pm) for working parents, St. Mary School also offers various enrichment activities (including dance, debate, meditative coloring, music and drama, to name a few) and exciting sports teams (such as basketball, track, cheer) to join. With so many options to choose from, our students can pick and choose what interests them!

Our entire Catholic school experience is enhanced by our wonderful Home School Association. The parents of St. Mary School, like our teachers, are so very dedicated to the students of our school. Our parents, in just the past two weeks, sponsored a Turkey Feast for students, Turkey Bingo for families, and a Wine Tasting event for the community. Upcoming, we have a Christmas Fair for families and a Christmas concert for all. Throughout the year, our parents develop wonderful events that create lasting memories for our entire school community.

Don’t just take our word – take a look at what some others have to say about our school:

“As a new family to St. Mary’s with a pre-k 4 and kindergarten student, we truly loved every minute of our first year here.  The experiences both children had were all we were promised and so much more!” Mrs. Zinzi, Current Parent

“I wouldn’t trade my 11 years at St. Mary School for anything. I grew academically, spiritually and socially, all while enjoying the many extracurricular opportunities that were available. Thanks to the instruction I received from my teachers, I felt prepared for honors courses in high school.” Madeline Suarez, Class of 2016

More than ever, we can make this exciting opportunity a reality for your family. We offer tuition-assistance packages and special funding that will allow for you to invest in your child’s future by sending them to St. Mary School. Let’s discuss your family’s situation. Please contact our Director of Enrollment, Linda Garvey, at LGarvey@StMaryBethelCT.org or call 203-744-2922.

St. Mary School is located at 24 Dodgingtown Rd., Bethel.  For more information, please visit our website at www.stmarybethelct.org and our Facebook page at “St. Mary School, Bethel.”

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December 8, 2017

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