Danbury Public Schools Announce the Opening of the Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE Center)

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Danbury Public Schools Announce the Opening of the Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE Center)


Over the past few years, Danbury Public Schools has made a conscientious effort to open up doors that encourage parents, families and the community to engage with its schools. Whether it is serving on a School Governance Council, attending Parent-Teacher Organization meetings, volunteering in your child’s school, attending open houses and your child’s conferences, or taking training at your child’s school about math or language skills, the district wants to see families working closely with their children’s school.

In order to enable parents to gather information quickly about the schools and related community services, Danbury Public Schools has redesigned its Education Services Center at 49 Osborne Street to become the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center. The Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Parents are welcomed in by the director of first impressions, safety advocate Rick, who describes the building, has you sign-in, asks how he can help you and directs you to the proper office.

Now, let me tell you about what departments are in the building. The FACE Center houses the Central School Registration. Anyone in Danbury who needs to register for school comes to the Center. In this department, bi-lingual staff helps families fill out the required paperwork, so that your child can attend school. For more information, please call (203) 797-4753 or visit the website at https://sites.google.com/a/danbury.k12.ct.us/schoolregistration/. Contained within this department is the ESL Center.

Another department is the Danbury Family Learning Center (DFLC), whose mission is to improve the educational experiences and knowledge of parents and their children aged birth through grade 2, and to foster and encourage excellence and creativity in educational activities in Danbury Public Schools and throughout greater Danbury. The DFLC offers Play to Learn Playgroups at the Center as well as at other locations in the city, educational opportunities for parents such as Lee R Years and Supporting School Success and Saturday Academies-Saturday morning programs that offer hands-on learning to complement what children are learning during the day. For more information, please call 203-797-4734.

The Extended Learning Program offers the before- and after-school programs at the elementary and middle schools. Parents come to the FACE Center to register their children for the program. The fee-based program offers homework help and hands-on activities such as Legos, building and chess, and hosts field trips and special events on full days off from school. For more information, please call 203-797-4733. Special funds promote additional afterschool services in some of the schools through the 21st Century Community Learning Program. For further information, please call 203-731-8225.

School breakfast and lunch are an important part of students’ day. Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are available from this office or from your child’s school. Parents are required to fill out a new application each year BEFORE Oct 1 to continue to be enrolled in the program. For more information, please call 203-797-4746.

Sites and Facilities are also housed in this building. This department is responsible for the oversight of all district buildings. If your organization needs to rent space in a building, please call 203-797-4799.

Anne E. Mead, M. Ed., is the administrator for the Early Childhood Education and Extended Learning Programs of the Danbury Public Schools. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at 203-830-6508 or meadan@danbury.k12.ct.us.

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August 2, 2016

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