Danbury Library First to Offer New Meeting Pod

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Danbury Library First to Offer New Meeting Pod

By Tribuna Staff

The Danbury Library proudly unveils its newest free service in the form of a self-contained meeting pod. The Danbury Library is the only library in the United States to have the Hush Meeting Pod, which was designed by the Mikomax Smart Office, a Polish based company, and sold by Insidesource. Anjul Chandi, sales and marketing manager of Mikomax US, says, “Hush booths are the perfect solution for both collaborative and individual focused work; the comfortable and peaceful environment also makes the Hush booths the ideal space for reading books.” The pod, located on the library’s main floor, is available for small business meetings, interviews and study sessions. The space can be reserved in advance or used on a walk-in basis.

“The Danbury Library is becoming more of a community center every day. When we conducted focus groups with residents of the Danbury community, they expressed an interest in more quiet study space that would be conducive to small meetings. The new pod provides us an additional opportunity to host those types of meetings,” explains Library Director Katie Pearson.

The pod’s unveiling was the culmination of over two years of planning and researching by library administration, which included reconfiguring the library’s main floor and finding exactly the right type of unit for the space.

Anne Van Wagener, marketing manager of Insidesource, says, “The Danbury Library Meeting Pod represents an exciting new opportunity for Insidesource to provide private environments in public spaces. They are especially relevant in libraries to allow a user a place to not ‘shhh.’ The booths are beautiful aesthetically, transportable, fully connected and are an ideal solution for common spaces.”

The pod generated palpable excitement from the moment it was delivered to the library. “Our social media post showing the very first photo of the pod generated the most engagement of any other library posting. Seeing patrons excited about this new service is the best reward for all our efforts. The pod has been used on a regular basis since its unveiling, and we hope it continues to attract even more users throughout the year,” says Assistant Director Katharine Chung.

The study pod was generously sponsored by the Friends of the Danbury Library. For more information, please call (203) 797-4505. The Danbury Library is located at 170 Main Street, Danbury, CT 06810. For more information, contact Katie Pearson at kpearson@danburylibrary.org.


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December 19, 2018

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