Time to Reflect on What Changes We Want to Make for Ourselves on an Individual Basis

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Time to Reflect on What Changes We Want to Make for Ourselves on an Individual Basis

By Estela Camacho

Happy New Year to our Tribuna readers! We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tribuna publisher and editorial staff for encouraging and allowing us to write in the sports section for the Danbury Athletic Youth Organization (DAYO). We appreciate the opportunity given to us! The beginning of every year is a time to reflect on what changes we want to make for ourselves on an individual basis, and what changes we would like to see happen with our families and our children. Making New Year’s resolutions is not easy; a lot of thought and planning go into them and ultimately, we hope we succeed. As an organization, we don’t necessarily make yearly resolutions but we constantly strive to make improvements to all our programs and to the organization. On January 18, our DAYO members will be voting for the officers that will lead the organization and support the mission of its founders. Through the years, many changes have been made to better serve the children in the greater Danbury area. Individuals come with proposals, plans and goals, and outcomes are evaluated. If programs fit the need of the participants and are within the budget of the organization, then we continue with them; otherwise, programs are modified to fit the community’s needs. We continue to strive for quality programs and to be inclusive of all ethnic backgrounds. From an organization that just started with Football and Cheerleading, we now have programs such as Lacrosse, Track & Field, T-Ball, Basketball for Middle School and High School, Flag Football, Tackle Football, Cheerleading, Bingo and our Speed & Agility Clinics.

Over the last year, we have worked diligently to be more accessible online and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We understand that our young families get their information via these outlets. Our one-call data system also allows us to keep parents informed with upcoming program information and last-minute schedule changes. Our monthly board meetings are open to the public and this is where we discuss new ideas and ways to make our programs better. We want our families to feel that they can have a voice, that they can volunteer and that they can open doors for their children to try the new sports offered through DAYO. Tribuna newspaper has been phenomenal in getting our message out. We have had more Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking parents signing their children up for different sports. We have board members and people in the programs that speak Spanish and Portuguese and can help with communication. If you have not included us already, we hope we are part of your New Year’s resolutions.

It would be a remarkable beginning for your child to try new sports or physical activities to continue being physically healthy. As we all know, eating healthy is one way to stay fit and the other is exercise. Through playing sports, your child can enjoy exercise. You can help your child make a New Year’s resolution goal and help them accomplish it. Visit our website to view the various sports we offer. If your child has not tried a particular sport, now is the time to seriously look at all the choices available. It is up to you and your child to discuss the options and encourage them to try something new. You don’t have to make the decision alone; call or write to the coach or to the secretary. We are here to help you. Sports bring so much to a child’s life; they are fun, they keep the children fit, they help make new friends, they teach teamwork, they teach dedication and the list can go on and on. This year, consider DAYO as part of your New Year’s resolutions. Thank you!


This article was written by Estela Camacho, Danbury Athletic Youth Organization (DAYO) secretary. For more information, visit www.dayosports.com, or contact Estela at 203-530-2457 or Bestelacamacho@sbcglobal.net.


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January 31, 2017

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