Cheerleading as a Competitive Sport

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Cheerleading as a Competitive Sport

By Estela Camacho


The D.A.Y.O. organization provides a cheerleading program in which both girls and boys can participate. We offered three competitive teams this year: Jr. Pee Wees, Pee Wees and Jr Varsity. They do not have to try out to be part of any of the teams. All the teams are set depending on the birth dates. This year we have five cheerleading teams: The Tiny Mites/Mitey Mites, Jr Pee Wees, Pee Wees and our Junior Varsity girls. We also have a Challenger Team for children with special needs, no age limit. Most of the participants want to continue cheer participation at the high school level after age 14.

Our cheer commissioners, coaches, assistant coaches and team moms have certain requirements and certifications that they must adhere to in order to be on rosters and leaders in our D.A.Y.O. Cheer Program. Our program follows the Pop Warner Spirit Rules, inclusive of the YCADA (Youth Cheer and Dance Alliance) regulations. All coaches are trained up-to-date on all regulations to teach your young participants safe and proper skills. While there are no tryouts for any of our cheerleading teams, we pride ourselves in providing a program committed to excellence. This year we had many new girls and not only did they enjoy themselves but they also learned a lot about teamwork, commitment and dedication.

This year, our Danbury Athletic Youth Organization shined at the Southern CT Pop Warner Competition on October 8, 2016. Our Tiny Mites/Mitey Mites Team Squad was sharp and fabulous. The Challenger Team rocked the house with its performance, stealing everyone’s heart. Our Jr. Pee Wee level received 5th place, against some great competition, our Pee Wee Team received 3rd place and our Junior Varsity earned a high score that allows them to move on to Regional Competitions on November 5, 2016 in Springfield, MA. As co-cheer commissioner and member of the executive board of the D.A.Y.O. organization, I can’t be more proud of all our coaches and these young athletes. I am grateful for the help and dedication given from our parents to make this season successful.

If you know of any child that has special needs and wants to cheer, we have a cheer program for them.

“If we don’t try, we don’t know and don’t expose these children with disabilities to the rest of the world,” says Coach Pudgie Delohery “It’s our job to present them with opportunities. It’s a tremendous feeling to be able to tell these girls they can do it. It has shown people that it is possible, with the right ability to practice, the right instructors and the right people who want it to work.”

Coaches: Gloria Mora, Belinda Bustelo, Lindsay Williams, Debra Woodhouse, Janet Haas, Lori Mikell, Sue Sharp, Pudgie Delohery, Caitlin Delohery, Katie Evans

Junior Demonstrators: Nichole Mora, Kelsey Bustelo, Rebecca Dibble, Mackenzie Woodhouse, Danielle, Sekensky, Rachael Bloxsom

Co-commissioners: Estela Camacho and Michele Williams

If you are interested in having your child cheer for the Danbury Trojans, please email or call Estela so that his or her name can be added to a list for future communications.

This article was written by Estela Camacho, Danbury Athletic Youth Organization (DAYO) secretary. For more information, visit, or contact Estela at 203-530-2457 or





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October 26, 2016

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