New Year’s Resolution- Investing in Your Child’s Sports Participation

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New Year’s Resolution- Investing in Your Child’s Sports Participation

By Estela Camacho

Happy New Year, Tribuna readers, Tribuna officers and Tribuna editorial staff!!

It’s time for self-assessment, reflection and planning for the upcoming year, 2019! This is the time when people take a brief moment to internalize 2018 and discover what they perceive to be a need for change, add something of value or simply remove something that is not beneficial to them. Life experiences guide us and give us a vision of what we want to see differently within ourselves. Work and volunteer outcomes help us envision how we could offer better services and promote a positive and healthy work environment.

In organizations that offer youth sports, we take into account our position in the community and how our programs benefit all participants and those involved in making sports (both recreational and competitive) available, affordable and enjoyable. The beginning of every year is the time to reflect on what changes we want to make for ourselves on an individual basis and with our families, and what changes we would like to see happen at work and in our volunteer environment. We all know that it sounds easier than it really is, for to envision and to hope is none other than a dream, unless you set a goal, make a plan and start the process of a better tomorrow. Plan a better tomorrow for you, your family, those that depend on your leadership and the community at large.

Organizations that offer youth sports constantly strive to make improvements to their programs. It never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort goes into board meetings, committee meetings and planning efforts. They bring forth changes to fit a competitive level while serving the needs of participants on an instructional level. Individuals come with proposals, plans and goals, and outcomes are evaluated. Organizations like the Danbury Athletic Youth Organization, Danbury Youth Wrestling Association, Danbury Police Athletic League, the YMCA, Danbury Youth Soccer Club, Danbury Youth Baseball, and many more continue to strive for quality programs and work toward being inclusive of all the ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses in our community. For a list of Danbury recreational programs, visit the Danbury Parks and Recreation website, visit the Family Resource Center at Morris Street School or log in to Danbury Area Youth Activities on Facebook; they are an excellent resource for upcoming sports and activities registration information.

Parents, this year, make it a New Year’s resolution for your child to try a different sport or physical activity. As we all know, eating healthy is one way to stay fit and the other is exercise. Annrose Lattin, mother of two active children, Jeremy, who has played hockey, and Karissa, who has played soccer and is in Varsity Cheer, expresses that there are positives to having her children involved in sports: friendships, learning the skills of a sport, keeping kids healthy and active instead of playing video games.

Loren Daly is a mother of two, Harold and Robert, who both enjoy playing baseball. Robert mentioned to his mom, “Do you know why I like baseball? Because all the kids cheer for you when you do good and even when you do bad, they are still your friends and help you.” How awesome is that for a child to experience sportsmanship at a young age! While some parents see putting their child into organized sports and activities as an unnecessary cost, others see it as an investment in their child’s physical and mental health.

Ana Marin, mother of Lucia and Sofia Henao-Marin, shares that with all the ups and downs that sports can bring, it is still a wonderful experience. Children gain opportunities that will help them develop, value life and learn responsibility, dedication, friendship, teamwork and humbleness. Ana doesn’t pay for practices but for the opportunities provided to her children. It is a huge investment for her girls. “As a mother with kids in various sports, there are times that practices, registration fees and sport commitments play a chaotic part in my life; yet, I am most grateful for those opportunities that my children have had and the long-term friendships that I have built via their sport participation.”

For additional information, please call Estela Camacho at 203-530-2457 or email her at You can also learn more about the organization at, on Facebook (Danbury Athletic Youth Organization) or Twitter (@DAYOinfosports) or read about us in Tribuna Newspaper.


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January 9, 2019

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