High Expectations in Sports and Academics Demand Motivation

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High Expectations in Sports and Academics Demand Motivation


With school starting and fall sports now in full gear, it’s time to put a balancing plan into action for your athlete. Motivation comes with difficulty when all your child wants to do is rest and relax after a long and busy day. Sports and homework go hand in hand. Both should be highly important.

Every child deals with homework in their own way. Some students like to complete their homework as soon as they arrive home; others tend to take a small break and then work on homework, all prior to engaging in their sport. The reality is that many athletes stay for a long practice after school only to be given an hour or two to work on homework. This may not be sufficient time, especially in the middle school and high school grades. I have had a couple of my own athletes that arrive late to their home to be rushed to shower, eat and then, focus on homework for not just one class but multiple classes. Achieving success in both school and athletics is not an easy task but it is something that can go hand in hand with determination and perseverance. Conversations need to occur on a regular basis to help your child determine what needs to be prioritized – studying for tests or quizzes, completing projects, homework, etc.

Participating in sports is highly beneficial but academics should take precedence in order to achieve success in both. As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child by having that initial conversation on what is expected and in turn, the child plays an important role in developing a plan to follow and execute. It is essential to have all pertinent information at the time of planning, including due dates for school projects, tests and papers, sports practice schedules, dates of tournaments, games or meets, etc. They should all be scheduled on one calendar. Planning ahead of time is absolutely necessary and there is no way around it. Parents can help by reminding their student athlete of the due dates for their assignments. If your child attends Danbury Public Schools, depending on the grade, you may be able to check Power School and see any missing assignments. Check with your child’s advisor if you need help to log in to Power School. If your child attends another school district, please ask what program is available for parents.

Motivate your child to be the best student athlete. It is never too early to think about college scholarships! Here are some ideas that will help. Plan your week early, for example, on a Sunday afternoon. As they finish homework and projects, have your children turn these in to their teacher. Take advantage of extra-credit projects and if you see a drop in your child’s grades, act immediately. If your child does not understand the material, don’t prolong the situation; encourage your student athlete to ask the teachers for help. Teachers are more than willing to help students at any grade level. Tutoring may also be available. Find out soon enough if there is a cost associated with tutoring. If there is, remember that just as you would invest in a sport, you may need to invest in education. A drop in grades is a huge sign; don’t overlook it! Take action immediately. The Danbury Public Library has a program called Homework Help for grades K thru 12. Go their website for updated times.

Remember to be organized, do not procrastinate and always use your time wisely.

High expectations in sports and academics are a good thing to acquire.

A football kick, a touchdown, a goal, a three-point basket, a take-down or a standing tuck are among the many great skills that motivate athletes yearning for more. Everyday expectations and demands allow parents to consistently work with their children to get them to achieve excellent academics and athletic abilities. Please remember that communication is key and taking your child out of sports because they need help with their schoolwork may not be the solution. It may be counterproductive. Coaches and teachers want what is best for your child; they should be part of the conversation to help motivate your child in the right direction. Celebrate sport achievements and celebrate academic success!

For additional information, please call Estela Camacho at 203-530-2457 or email her at EstelaGC005@gmail.com. You can also learn more about the organization at www.dayosports.com, Facebook (Danbury Athletic Youth Organization), Twitter (@DAYOinfosports) or read about us in Tribuna Newspaper.

Pictures of Student Athletes that have been on Honor Roll

Lucas Amaral #49 Kicker for Danbury High School Football

Jakob Camacho graduated with honors and now at NC State Wrestling Program


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September 5, 2018

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