Danbury Organized Youth Sports Choices Are on the Increase

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Danbury Organized Youth Sports Choices Are on the Increase

By Estela Camacho

Our town of Danbury is rich in many areas, from cultural diversity, schools of excellence, amazing visual and performing arts, and exceptional athletic accolades, commencing with youth sports and culminating in the high schools and beyond. While I would like to comment on all of the above, my concentration is in youth sports.

If you have been a Danbury resident for some time now, you are aware that significant numbers of sports fall under individual organizations. An organization may focus on one sport while there may be other associations that encompass two or more sports under their leadership. If you are new to town, finding out whom to contact can be a challenge for parents looking for a sport for their child. Danbury youth sport choices are on the increase, offering more distinctive and competitive options. The preferences about where your child will participate, play and learn athletic skills will be determined by you, the parent.

In searching for sport options, always keep in mind that each child develops skills at their own pace and while you may want them to play a specific sport, allowing your child to explore a variety of sports can add to the array of selections. Danbury has venues that offer sports like soccer and tumbling starting at the young age of just three years old. The Danbury Athletic Youth Organization (DAYO) offers T-Ball, Born to Play and Rookie Ball. Coaches understand that with this young age group, it’s mostly about introducing the basic skills, movement and the language of the sport. Parents needs to understand that there is no competition at this level; it is all play and fun. As the participants become older, many transition out from one league to a different league and many children join competitive teams, clubs or organizations. The notion that children want to enjoy themselves and have fun playing a sport does not change but in addition to that, we add more dedication, commitment and winning.

Let us go over where and whom you can contact for youth sports information. There are websites you can visit that will give you most, if not all, contacts; visit the City of Danbury website and then go to the Parks tab; there, you will find all youth sports and some adult sports. You can visit the Danbury Public Schools website and tab over to Family and Community Resources, or you can also go to the DAYO website at www.dayosports.com. DAYO offers up to eight sports and all information is posted on its website. The Police Athletic League website (PAL) also contains a variety of sports for different ages. Danbury Public Schools has a Family Resource Center (FRC) located at Morris Street School. They are knowledgeable concerning what agencies and organizations are current and what services are provided to help families in the Danbury Area. Please take a look at the following information and if you can’t find what you are looking for, I encourage you to call the Parks and Recreation office or the Family Resource Center located at the Morris Street School.

Danbury Parks and Recreation: 203-797-4632,  www.danbury-ct.gov

Danbury PAL Programs: 203-778-4725,  www.danburypal.org

Danbury War Memorial: 203-743-3932,  www.war-memorial.org

Danbury Youth soccer: 203-746-1789,  www.dysc.us

Danbury Youth Wrestling: 203-770-5908

Danbury Public Schools Family Resource Center (FRC): 203-790-2682 or

visit Morris Street School at 28 Morris Street.

Please remember that the above resources are only a few of those available. There are plenty of choices for your family.

For additional information, please call Estela Camacho at 203-530-2457 or email her at EstelaGC005@gmail.com. You can also learn more about the organization at www.dayosports.com, Facebook: Danbury Athletic Youth Organization, Twitter: @DAYOinfosports or read about us in Tribuna Newspaper.

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July 6, 2018

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