Singer Gian, Former Member of the Gian & Giovani Duet, Will Perform This Saturday in Danbury

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Singer Gian, Former Member of the Gian & Giovani Duet, Will Perform This Saturday in Danbury

By Mariana Silva

As part of his travels through the United States, Brazilian country music singer Gian will perform this Saturday, September 24 at 10 p.m., at the Brazilian steakhouse Planeta Brazil Bar & Grill in Danbury. Singer Doug will join in and the Brazilian community can expect a great performance by the friends and the duet.

Brazilian admirers will have an opportunity to listen to the top hits of the former duet Gian & Giovani such as Convite de CasamentoMil Corações and O Grande Amor da Minha Vida, as well as songs of the “sertanejo universitário” (modern country).

“I am thrilled to be here, and I hope to offer a great musical contribution by singing, bringing people back in time and remembering cool things from Gian & Giovani,” said Gian, who is visiting the city for the second time. “We created a very eclectic repertoire to please not only the audience that enjoys the old songs but also the one that likes modern country.”

New projects and a new country music duet

After the end of a 25-year partnership with his brother Giovani, Gian said he is ready to start new projects. He guarantees the new work will be audacious and different from what the public is accustomed to hearing.

“I am in the process of choosing a new partner. I have three choices in Brazil and, as soon as I return, I will pick one who best fits the profile for the new project. The idea is to come to the United States and record a DVD here. I am thinking Broadway. It is interesting because this time, I will do the opposite. Instead of launching my work in Brazil and bringing it here, I will start here and then, we will go to Brazil,” explained Gian.

According to Gian, the new project will be called “Encontro” (Encounter). “It will be sort of a music encounter, the encounter of generations, encountering the new, encountering traditional country music with the modern and romantic. When I decide who my partner will be, we will put that project into action. I believe that by the end of the year everything will be ready for a new moment in my career,” he emphasized.

About the end of the Gian & Giovani duet

According to Gian, the initiative to end the partnership came from his brother. “In fact, Giovani had been talking about trying a solo career for a while. That idea grew stronger and, as time passed by, he decided that it was the right moment to be on his own and try a new experience in his professional life. While I love singing with my brother, it will be difficult to find a partner at his level. It is not because he is the best, but he is certainly one of the best country music singers that I know. I take my hat off to him. Even though I believe that his choice is not the best option, but, I respect it and hope that once in a while we can chat, sing together and hang out because that is what is important,” he concluded.



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September 22, 2016

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