Brazilian Art Showcased Abroad

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Brazilian Art Showcased Abroad

By Karla Rensch

Brazilian handicrafts have a striking presence in the world market, mainly in the United States. It is interesting to note that their steady growth occurs not only due to the large number of immigrants residing in the country, but also to the support of Itamaraty, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in helping the non-immigrant artisan to guarantee a physical presence in the international market in great events such as ICFF in New York, and through non-governmental institutions such as ABEXA, which aims to disseminate and promote Brazilian handicrafts throughout the world. 

The institution has transformed its site – – into a tool for the promotion of Brazilian handicrafts in the international market, with several business opportunities, especially in the United States, where the arts of Brazil enjoy great popularity. 

Immigrant artisans residing in the United States, even if not through incentives like those offered by ABEXA, has the strong support of the Brazilian community for the sale and exposure of their products. We can observe that opinion makers, digital influencers, strong Facebook groups and owners of media outlets, such as Tribuna Newspaper, are always promoting events, introducing local artists and their respective arts, disseminating information about Brazil’s best to the American community and highlighting that it can be found nearby. 

In Danbury, we find wonderful artisans, like, for instance, Margaret Farriá (see the Facebook page “Margaret Dolls de Pano”). Popular in the community, she produces dolls, teddy bears and other pieces that are a delight to the eye and the memory, as some are keepsakes made of baby clothes or the clothing of a deceased loved one. Farriá can be contacted by phone at (203) 947-8673. 

It is a fact that our range of artists is large and diverse, from painters, photographers and furniture restorers to reputable stylists in the U.S. market, all carrying something in common, natural talent and a love of art.  

In February, Brookfield will become the home of an innovative space that will exhibit Brazilian art within a new spa concept, which will also be open at night. “Maison Brazil” ( will be opening its doors with lots of art, fashion and beauty for all tastes. You can visit the new spa at 483 Federal Road. Experience it, and invite friends and business partners for a night of wine and cheese tasting, accompanied by Brazilian art and relaxation, while the spa professionals take good care of you. It’s worth a visit!  



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January 21, 2018

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