Atlantica Insurance Offers New Mailbox Services in Danbury

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Atlantica Insurance Offers New Mailbox Services in Danbury

By Angela Barbosa

Many business owners spend much of their day on the road, running errands, and are never at their office or home office location to receive their mail. As a result, they miss a delivery or risk having it stolen when it is just left at their door. To help take care of mail, packages and deliveries, Atlantica Insurance is now offering mailbox services.

“The mailboxes are a great way to have a valid business address without renting your own store or office,” said Atlantica Insurance Agency Managing Member John V. Russo. “Your packages will be safer with us than in the front doorway of your house or apartment too!”

For 25 years, Atlantica Insurance has been providing a number of services beyond just auto insurance, including, “Homeowners, Commercial Vehicle & Business Insurance, Life Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, just to name a few. We also offer Notary Public services, airline ticket sales, translation services (Spanish/English,) registration of vehicles (personal and commercial,) company formations (LLCs and Corporations) and tax returns/bookkeeping services, among others.”

Mailboxes are a fairly new service offered by Atlantica Insurance. They rent the mailbox for three different periods of time: $45 for a 3-month rental, $75 for 6 months or $125 for the full year. According to Russo, all you need is a valid picture ID, and you do not have to live in Connecticut to rent a mailbox because “the mailbox is not proof of residence, but again, a business address.”

“The mailboxes we rent are generally accepted as valid business addresses. Post office boxes, however, are not generally accepted as valid business addresses. For instance, your address

would read: Joe Smith Carpentry, LLC, 294 Main Street #20012, Danbury, CT, 06810,” he explained.

Atlantica Insurance office hours are usually weekdays from 9AM to 5PM or longer and Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM. Russo advises his customers to call ahead and check if they will be in the office later than 5PM if they need to come in after regular hours,.

“Our mailboxes are substantially less expensive than P.O. Boxes, and close to half the cost of a UPS Box. Renting a mailbox from us, especially with the holiday season approaching, is a ‘no brainer!’” concluded Russo.

About Atlantica Insurance

Atlantica Insurance was established in Danbury in 1993. The business has moved to different locations and has changed its name a few times. In February 2012, it moved to its current location at 294 Main Street in Danbury.

For more information about Atlantica Insurance’s services, please call (203) 792-7683.

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October 10, 2018

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