The Story of Jorge Lopez

American Dream Series

The Story of Jorge Lopez



Our interviewee was born in the United States, but his parents are originally from the State of Sonora in the Republic of Mexico. Like the State of Sonora, his life has been marked by being at the border of two cultures. His parents came to this country in 1993, hoping to start a family in an atmosphere of prosperity, security and equality. Like countless immigrants, Jorge Lopez’s parents came to this country in search of the “American Dream.”

Do you think your parents achieved their goal? He quickly said: “Of course I believe it. As soon as they arrived, they worked very hard, always looking to give their children a better life than theirs. I also must say that in my house, we never lacked fraternal love, solidarity and faith in God. We are a very united family, where the word advancement is synonymous with education.”

What did you study? “I studied mechanics at a technical level and for seven years, I worked as a mechanic, a job I enjoyed because every day I learned something new. But later on, I started to suffer from back problems, which I knew would worsen over the years. So I decided to look for another job in an area that did not require much physical effort but was related to public service. That is why I am currently working in the real estate area and studying in the evenings to get an associate’s degree in business and marketing. The real estate area offers many options. It is a market that is always open and, in my case, I am fully bilingual and have the advantage of offering my services to the Hispanic community as well. This is a long-term job that will give me a better income and I will be able to offer my two children better opportunities. I want them to be as proud of me as I am of my parents. ”

Tell me about your children: “My children are the light of my life; they inspire me to go on. When I am with them, I feel something indescribable. Their innocence and sweetness change everything. Sometimes, I have a bad day but then they hug me or kiss me and I realize that any sacrifice is worth it. I think we do not understand how much our parents love us until the moment we become parents. I want them to take the best of these two cultures. I want them to be as supportive, respectful, empathetic and full of faith as my parents, but I also want them to have aspirations, to set goals and achieve them. This country is full of opportunities but also full of people who want you to think that, because of your humble background, you will not be successful. But every day we demonstrate that we can excel just like everyone else. Today, we have mayors, governors, senators, business owners and in the future, we will have a president with a Hispanic background. There are a number of successful leaders born in this country who are children of immigrants that came with nothing. This is a great nation. My children will grow to love it but knowing that Mexican blood runs in their veins.”

What would be your final message be? “Even when things get ugly, there is always a way out. We must have faith that tomorrow something good will happen. We must not believe anyone who says that something is impossible; we must find the strength to go on and get what we want. It is also important to understand that our happiness cannot be based on others. Happiness is within us and we must manage it wisely.”


Danniella Maria Gutiérrez-Salem practiced law in Venezuela before going after her own American dream and becoming a writer in the United States.


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October 31, 2016

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