Access Health CT Revamps the In-Person Help to Reach Communities in Need of Health Insurance

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Access Health CT Revamps the In-Person Help to Reach Communities in Need of Health Insurance

By Tribuna Staff

Choosing a health insurance plan that works for you can be complicated, but Connecticut residents can get free help from Access Health CT (AHCT) to better understand their options.

About Access Health CT

Access Health CT offers individuals, families and small businesses the opportunity to shop, compare and enroll in quality health insurance plans from brand-name insurance companies. And it’s the only place where Connecticut residents can qualify for financial help to lower their health insurance costs.

People can sign up for health insurance plans during the annual Open Enrollment period, which starts on November 1, 2019. However, people may have questions throughout the year or experience life changing events and may need health insurance. To help individuals understand their options year-round, Access Health CT is evolving its Navigator Program

with choosing and enrolling in a health insurance plan throughout the year.

“We know that health insurance is complex and can be hard to understand,” said Access Health CT Chief Executive Officer, James Michel. “That’s why we are here to offer free help. The Navigator Program is designed to deepen our community relationships with the goal to engage, educate and enroll individuals in all communities throughout our state—including underserved and harder-to-reach populations. And we’re focused on making our in-person help strategy bigger and better for the upcoming Open Enrollment season, too.” Accordingly, the Navigator Program will include a strong focus on engaging African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino and Asian communities.

In-person assistance options, like the Navigator Program, are ways to get free, community-based help. Trained AHCT staff, Certified Application Counselors and Brokers are available to help people understand their options and sign up for health insurance coverage.


About the Navigator Program Partners:


Connecticut Renewal Team, Inc.

330 Market Street, Hartford

(860) 761-7908

Community Renewal Team, Inc. (CRT) is the oldest and largest community action agency in Connecticut. As a social services provider, CRT regularly conducts outreach to the Hartford and Middlesex County areas relating to healthcare and insurance options. In addition to the Navigator Program, CRT’s 330 Market Street office in Hartford also provides services for behavioral health, a pharmacy, computer and internet access, resources for people looking for jobs, energy assistance services and tax filing support.


New Opportunities, Inc.

232 North Elm Street, Waterbury

(203) 575-9799

New Opportunities, Inc. is the community action agency that serves Danbury, Meriden, Torrington and 24 surrounding towns in the Litchfield County area. They offer a variety of social service programs designed to eliminate poverty and assist people in the community with offices in Danbury, Meriden and Torrington. The agency’s mission is to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged individuals by providing the necessary resources to increase their standard of living, foster self-improvement and maximize self-empowerment.

In addition to services that help people shop, compare and enroll in health insurance, New Opportunities, Inc. also offers: elderly services; family empowerment services; energy assistance and weatherization; parenting support; vocational education and training; early childhood education programs; and housing assistance.


West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District

580 Cottage Grove Road, Bloomfield

(860) 561-7918

The West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District is a regional health department servicing West Hartford and Bloomfield. It provides full-time professional public health services to residents in both towns, with an emphasis on encouraging healthy behavior through health education efforts that stress prevention and individual responsibility.

Along with providing a full-time Navigator to help area residents shop, compare and enroll in health insurance, the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District offers a variety of other social services, including: immunization clinics; senior wellness clinics; communicable disease surveillance and follow-up; health education; restaurant inspections; lead and radon consultations; septic system plan and review; and swimming pool inspections.


Other ways to get Free in-person help


Access Health CT will host Community “Health Insurance Chats” in every county in the state. These Insurance Chats are educational community sessions that offer people a way to learn more about things like the enrollment process, cost and financial help, how to pick a plan, and how and where to enroll.


The Open Enrollment Period begins on November 1, and Access Health CT will offer many ways to get free in-person assistance including: 30 enrollment fairs, five enrollment locations, help from Certified Brokers and Enrollment Specialists. For more information visit:

Additional, free help can be found online at, via Live Chat, or over the phone at 855-805-4325.

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October 3, 2019

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