Hayes Declares Victory in 5th District, Makes Connecticut History

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Hayes Declares Victory in 5th District, Makes Connecticut History

By Ana Radelat and Mackenzie Rigg | CTMirror.org

Jahana Hayes, a progressive political newcomer, declared victory on Nov. 6 over her Republican opponent in the 5th Congressional District, becoming the first African-American woman to represent Connecticut in Congress.

Hayes, a Democrat, declared victory over former Meriden Mayor Manny Santos shortly before 11 p.m., with less than half of the vote officially counted.

Santos, an underfunded business owner, could not compete with the appeal and energy of the 2016 National Teacher of the Year.

As a rowdy crowd in Waterbury chanted her name and cheered raucously, Hayes tearfully addressed her supporters.

“This history teacher is making history,” Hayes said.

On election night, before the results were announced, Santos said, “we did a lot more than most people expected with the limited funds we did have.”

He also commented on the voter turnout. “The turnout is great, which I think is indicative of how motivated people are in participating and in my view to bring change and make…TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

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November 8, 2018

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