CT a Likely Target of Trump’s New Immigration Policy

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CT a Likely Target of Trump’s New Immigration Policy

By Ana Radelat - CT Mirror

With its policy of not turning over all undocumented aliens requested by federal officials, Connecticut is likely to be in the crosshairs of President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy, outlined in twin executive orders issued Wednesday, January 25.

With a stroke of the pen, Trump is trying to do what some Republicans in the last Congress were not able to do – punish “sanctuary” cities and states by withholding federal funds.

But the term sanctuary – given to about 300 jurisdictions in the United States – is used to describe a wide range of policies, none of which actually protect an undocumented worker from deportation if federal law enforcement officials have him or her in custody.

San Francisco, Chicago, New York and other American cities have enacted policies limiting cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Other jurisdictions more narrowly restrict police from inquiring about the immigration status of detained suspects.

Hartford, Willimantic and New Haven are among dozens of cities with police departments that have established policies of not asking the immigration status of those they arrest or detain.

Connecticut in 2013 passed the “Trust Act” that allows state and local law enforcement agencies to ignore a federal “detainer,” a request to hold an undocumented resident for immigration officials, if he or she hasn’t committed a serious felony.

Gov. Dannel Malloy said, “We don’t actually have any true sanctuary cities in Connecticut.”

“The president is bound by the Constitution of the United States, just as we are bound by the Constitution of the United States, and an executive order does not trump the Constitution of the United States,” Malloy said. “If this order is written in such a way as to discriminate against individuals or communities or institutions, we’ll defend that.”

But to Trump, Connecticut and its “sanctuary” cities are breaking the law.

“We are going to restore the rule of law in the United States,” Trump said, addressing Department of Homeland Security employees after signing the directives. “Beginning today the United States gets control of its borders.”

But Trump did not specify what federal funds would be withheld from jurisdictions determined to be “sanctuaries.”

His executive order says the new Secretary of Homeland Security, John F. Kelly, will use.. FOR READ MORE CLICK HERE


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February 8, 2017

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