Center for Pediatric Medicine Helps Children to Grow Up Healthy

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Center for Pediatric Medicine Helps Children to Grow Up Healthy

By Angela Barbosa

Choosing a pediatrician for your baby is not an easy task, and together with all the other preparation for the baby’s arrival, it can become quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, at the Center for Pediatric Medicine (CPM), they believe that the earlier you start building a relationship with your baby’s doctor while you are pregnant, the more comfortable you will feel when you trust them with your most precious possession – your child.

Since 1992, the Center for Pediatric Medicine has provided families in the Greater Danbury area with high-quality, comprehensive and personal medical care for children, adolescents and young adults ages birth through 21.

“Most parents consider bringing up their children as one of the most important and rewarding responsibilities with which we are ever entrusted, yet many first-time parents find themselves rather inexperienced and unprepared,” said Claire M Bailey, MD, pediatrician with CPM for over 20 years.

Dr. Robert Golenbock, a CPM pediatrician serving the Danbury area since 1977, believes providing excellent care for children goes beyond medicine.

“We’re pediatricians. That means we really don’t specialize in just one aspect of a child’s medical care. We are glad to discuss well-care, family issues, acute problems, and chronic disease.”

Although they cannot necessarily handle every problem, Dr. Golenbock said CPM’s practitioners know many specialists.

With the Danbury population at over 25 percent Hispanic/Latino, health care workers in this area need to be aware of, and sensitive to, cultural diversity, life situations, and other various factors to be able to provide comprehensive care.

“CPM is equipped to serve the Spanish/Portuguese- speaking population. [We] have front desk and nursing staff who speak Spanish and Portuguese as first point of contact. Some of our providers also speak Spanish and Portuguese…,” explained Alpha Journal, PA-C.

Dr. Ana Paula Machado, CPM’s president/owner, explained that the support of the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking communities has been inestimable.

“As a Portuguese-American born in São Miguel Azores, coming to the United States at age two, raised in Connecticut, trained in the Northeast, I am familiar with the immigrant experience,” she shared.

Ashlee Mattutini, CPM’s Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, who has been in practice since 2005, explained, [A]mong our staff, we speak more than ten languages.  Every department in our office communicates well with each other, and we strive to know not only your child but also your family.”

Dr. Poonam Bherwani, who brings 11 years of experience to CPM, joining the group in June of 2017, couldn’t agree more.

“Culturally medical facilities have been viewed as place for sick visits only. One barrier we face is teaching our newly immigrated parents/patients the importance of preventive care,” she said.

For adolescents seeing a pediatrician, the transition to adult-oriented health care, between the ages of 18 and 21 years, will involve choosing a new physician.

“Here at CPM, we understand that it is often difficult for an adolescent/young adult to transition to an adult primary care provider. Our patients have often been with us and taken care of by us from infancy to early adulthood…When the time comes for this transition, we try to make it as easy as we can,” explained Dr. Nicholas Tzakas, M.D. who was in private practice in Fairfield County for 13 years before joining CPM in September of 2018.

Lisa Boulé, a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a board-certified Lactation Consultant at CPM, explains the importance of offering ample opportunities for education- both formal and informal. For example, “New patients can learn about the practice through our ‘Meet and Greet’ program where staff provide a personalized information session and tour…We [also] have an extensive website that provides a variety of information to our patients.

Registered Dietitian Allison J Stowell, who has been with CPM for 6 years, emphasizes that CPM isn’t just here for well visits and when illness occurs. “We are focused on treating the whole family and preventative care, too. As the registered dietitian, I have the opportunity to meet with families to help them meet their health and nutrition goals, prevent future disease, and ensure that our children are growing into adults with good eating habits.”

The Center for Pediatric Medicine accept most forms of insurance and welcomes new patients. The office is open 7 days a week, as well as most holidays, with late hours several evenings per week. After-hours, one of its doctors is available 24/7 for urgent calls. Their patient Portal also gives access to the child’s medical information anytime, anywhere.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call 203-790-0822. Offices are located at 107 Newtown Road in Danbury and 11 Route 37 in New Fairfield. 

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March 9, 2020

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