Things We Should Do to Take Care of Our Vehicle During the Winter

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Things We Should Do to Take Care of Our Vehicle During the Winter

By Emylly Silva

A vehicle can be compared to a human body. The same way we take care of our body, feeding it properly, doing daily exercise and medical check-ups annually, we should do with our car, especially here in the United States, where our vehicle is a working tool, and the winter is very intense.

Here are some essential winter tips to extend your vehicle’s lifespan:

– Perform an oil change every 3,000 miles; if your car uses synthetic oil, then change it every 6,000 miles.

– Calibrate the tires often.

– Do not add water to the radiator. Always use antifreeze that prevents damages.

– Don’t add water to the windshield washer fluid reservoir. Use windshield wiper fluid to prevent water from freezing. Don’t forget to also replace the wiper blades every six months or yearly, to maintain optimal driving visibility.

Check disc brakes and disc brake linings every 10,000 miles.

Snow removal – Using a broom or other object to remove snow from your vehicle can scratch or damage the finish. Usually a car detailing to remove the damages is not a cheap service.

– Always wash your vehicle after it snows, especially underneath the car, to remove salt. Salt can cause rust, which can spread throughout the vehicle and result in the need for additional repairs.

– Before traveling this winter, ask a mechanic you trust to check your vehicle and make sure that is operating properly.

24-hour roadside assistance– If your insurance does not offer roadside assistance, consider switching to another carrier that offers it for an affordable price, for those times when you run out of gas, need towing, lock your keys in the car or need to change a flat tire. For your safety and peace of mind, it is always good to have this kind of protection during the winter.

Request estimates for repairs – When possible, request an estimate from two or three different auto shops you trust or that have been referred to you by someone you trust. It is a good idea to compare prices before deciding to repair your vehicle. There are shops that offer free estimates.

These are just a few care tips to maintain your vehicle in winter. Our cars must be cared for with zeal and by a reliable person.

Emylly Silva and Sérgio Souza are the owners of On-Site Bumper Repair CT, located at 132 Federal Road in Brookfield. To request a free quote or obtain more information, call 203-775-5708 or visit

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February 6, 2019

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