Important Facts You Should Know to Be Botox Smart!

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What You Should Know

Important Facts You Should Know to Be Botox Smart!

By Debra Sullivan


Whenever I go out for a girls’ night, it seems the same questions are asked of me:  How are the kids doing in school? How is the husband?  When is Newtown MediSpa running specials?

The last question is unique to me, being the owner of Newtown MediSpa. It is also a question that I hear more often as more people are trying (and loving!) Botox.

Botox is FDA approved to last “3-4 months.” The cost to treat an area is much less expensive when compared to getting a manicure/pedicure (Bi-monthly mani/pedi = $65 twice a month=$520 every 4 months; Botox= $159 every 4 months)

Here are some important facts you should know:

Botox is owned by Allergan. Some practices have been caught buying Botox on the black market. This comes from overseas and is not legally for sale. Black market Botox is not regulated by the FDA. You can’t be sure that you are getting actual Botox in the bottle. (In one case of black market Botox, it was horse toxin!)

Botox also degrades rapidly, once reconstituted. Botox should be used within 24 hours, yet some practices sell it after 2 weeks! This Botox will work but will not last long.

Juvederm/Restylane (gel injections for lips/lines) are also FDA regulated, yet are on the black market. There are reports of empty syringes re-filled with foreign gels/substances causing sickness and deformity. Beware of Juvederm specials online and on Groupon that seem too good to be true. They usually are.

So how do you protect yourself?

-Go to click on “find a provider.” Add your zip code for a list of legitimate offices.

-Go to an office with educated, licensed medical practitioners.

-Look for an office with Platinum or Diamond status. This represents the highest aesthetic volume awarded by Allergan. High volume will help ensure you are getting fresh Botox.

Find a provider who has “Master Injector” training and a “Physician Trainer” on staff.

Make sure your injector is an artist. Ask to see before and after pictures. Facial aesthetics is truly an art. Your practitioner needs more than educational knowledge of how to inject. They need artistic ability of where to inject. Every face is different. Seek out someone who appreciates the beauty of your face.

Make sure you are paying for what you’re receiving. many offices charge “by the area Botox” instead of telling you how many units you’re actually receiving. This is deceiving as you may be treated “just enough” for the product to work but you’re being overcharged. Ask how many units you received and figure out the price per unit.

Above all, Newtown MediSpa is honest and ethical. The Botox/Juvederm will be fresh, purchased from the FDA approved company, Allergan. We offer periodic specials at fair prices to be affordable for all. We also have educated, licensed medical practitioners that have been trained/designated as “Master Injectors” and appreciate the art of aesthetics.


This article was written by Debra Sullivan, PA-C and Owner of Newtown MediSpa, which has Platinum and Diamond status. Sullivan is an ACE trainer for Botox/Juvederm/Kybella, and she trains physicians, PA’s and APRN’s. 

For additional information, call 203-304-9725, or visit their website at and join their email list to take advantage of the best practice in the business. 


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October 25, 2016

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