The Presence of Wine in Brazilian and American Cultures

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The Presence of Wine in Brazilian and American Cultures

By Karla Rensch

Wine is one of the oldest drinks in the world, with an eclectic historical and cultural background. Its regular consumption is prominent in every corner of the globe. Over the years, Brazilians have been learning to drink and enjoy good wine, while the American is already quite familiar with its peculiarities.

Debora Dividino, a well-known Brazilian chef in Newtown (Facebook: Share the chef), researches the subject and she is also a connoisseur of good quality wines.

Her comprehensive knowledge about the differences between wine consumption in the Brazilian and the American markets led to the creation of “Pop Up dinners.” These sophisticated dinners, paired with spectacular wines, are an opportunity for Brazilians and Americans to exchange life experiences in a relaxed atmosphere while Debora and her husband, Paulo Simão, share information about the wine they are serving, from its production to selection for pairing with their menu choices.

Debora explains that the reason wine consumption in the United States is greater than in Brazil is primarily cultural and climatic. First, Brazilians naturally prefer cold and more refreshing drinks due to the warm temperatures in Brazil. Second, the high cost of importing makes the country produce little wine, which has been changing quite a bit today due to continuous growth in production and consumption since 2015. Brazilians tend to prefer “more for less,” like cachaça (Brazilian tequila) and beer, which are much more affordable than wine.

It is common to see someone of Brazilian heritage refuse a sophisticated wine because it is not part of their drinking habit. However, this trend has been changing. Nowadays, we see a significant number of Brazilians starting to develop an interest in wine, refining their palate and learning more about it.

Debora believes that Americans are exactly the opposite. In the United States, wine consumption is greater in scale and so is their appreciation for the drink. It is easier to import wines from different parts of the world for a lower cost. Americans like to appreciate not only the wine but also its history. The long cold weather periods in many states also contribute to the country’s high wine consumption, even in warmer regions, where they are more inclined to drink more white than red wines.

The American market is strong in French, Italian and Californian wines, followed by Chileans and Argentines. Brazilians prefer Portuguese, Argentine, Romanian and Californian wines, because the taste resembles the wines in their country.

When it comes to wine, the secret is to taste! Tasting a good wine is a relaxing experience, and to discover its origin, and how to better appreciate it, makes all the difference!



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March 21, 2018

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