The Backstage of a Dream

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The Backstage of a Dream

By Karla Rensch

The price to be paid for a dream is not cheap; besides time, it requires dedication and many sacrifices throughout a person’s lifetime.

For those experiencing the migration and social integration processes, who find that journey challenging, or think that it is impossible to set foot on foreign land and to become an entrepreneur, it is with great joy we can affirm that here in the United States, whether you are an immigrant or not, nothing is impossible. Basically, almost anything is within reach.

“America is the land of opportunity.” Who has never heard of the American Dream? For some people, some of those dreams are made of paper.

Research shows that the rate of startup businesses that begin at home when people decide to put ideas into action is gradually growing. That trend is also true in the field of personalized luxury items for special occasions made from paper. The number of small business investing in that industry and succeeding is significant. It is a job that provides flexibility, and for those who have the artistic touch, they love it and are able to conduct business from the comfort of their home. Many homemakers who cannot be absent from home because they are caring for their small children are betting on that tendency to help increase the family income.

Brazilian Carla Eschberger, 36, married and mother of two children, has been an artisan for 12 years. She is the perfect example of someone who has transformed her passion for children and arts and crafts into her main source of income. Today, she teaches people the secrets of how to turn a hobby into a successful business.

She shared, “I wanted something flexible that would give me some money. I chose personalized items and planned to take no more than two parties per month. Presently, I am doing about six parties per week, have opened a store and I’m glad to be a reference in the educational area, to teach people how to work and profit from doing something they love. That fills my heart with joy.”

For those who want to start a new business and invest in that industry, local businesses   Joaninha’s and Doce Vita Luxury Favors, are bringing Eschberger to the area to host a workshop in Bethel, CT on December 22. There are a few places left and plans for a second workshop on December 23. It is an unmissable opportunity to learn from someone who knows the business and is a reference in the field of personalized items.

To register for the workshop or to obtain more information, please contact the event’s organizer, Thayna, at (203) 830-9987. Register now to secure your place!

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December 5, 2018

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