Marriage, From Primordial to Current Times

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Marriage, From Primordial to Current Times

By Karla Rensch

Among all the institutions, family and marriage are the only ones that have survived progressively and indestructibly the inevitable march of humanity. Ancient societies needed a safe and suitable ambiance to perpetuate our species, as well as a system of rules that would address property concession and protect the blood lineage. Marriage was the institution that satisfied those needs.

Like society, the institution of marriage has changed significantly. It gradually abandoned its primarily economic purpose and started to adopt values that were more human, including feelings (between couples); previously, there was only an exchange of interests among families united through marriage.

fran-e-andre-coutoWe can see that despite the significant changes in values and customs from primordial times, some marriage traditions have remained intact. The wedding celebration is one of them, and it endures among most cultures.

We have the privilege to live at a time in which love is the main pillar that sustains the institution of marriage. Today, marriage generally occurs based on the free will of both parties involved. Perhaps the big celebration is a way to show how important it is to be able to choose whom to love.


The Brazilian community is known worldwide for celebrating all occasions in grand style, especially weddings. We are people that love to party and have much natural joy. We may migrate but we bring with us our passion for life and, when the theme is a party, for example, a wedding, we look for the assistance of our fellow Brazilian professionals. We are lucky to have the most diverse and creative service providers in the area, who can take care of all the details, from decoration to the immortalization of the special moment through photography, allowing the wedding couple to just relax and enjoy that special celebration in their lives in grand style.

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October 15, 2017

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