Living in Plenitude

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Living in Plenitude

By Karla Rensch

The search for a better quality of life is part of everyday reality for contemporary families, and that quest has ignited the growth of a unique and effective market for holistic therapists, like Brazilian Silvana Rossini, who practices in conjunction with naturopathic doctors. Sparked from a change in her own reality, she realized that she could help other people live in a plentiful and balanced way.

Silvana’s first contact with holistic therapy came in 1999, when she and her daughter underwent a great loss. She became a widow, and to overcome and comprehend the reason for their experience, she tried to establish a deep connection with God, which, as a result, brought peace and balance to her life.

Nevertheless, it was only in 2011 that she felt the need to study in depth the issues that were part of her life. She decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Integrative Health and Healing at The Graduate Institute in Connecticut. It was during that time that she fell in love with the subject, and trained in more than 22 types of holistic therapy, including Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. She chose to specialize in Balanced Nutrition with a focus on Prevention, Wellness and Disease Management.

Soon after graduating in 2014, she had an opportunity to apply her knowledge. “A friend who had been struggling for years with weight loss liked my advice so much that she suggested I become her coach,” said Rossini. At that point, she realized that it would be a great opportunity to tie together the sharing of her knowledge to helping other people embrace a healthier lifestyle, starting a new and promising professional career.

Since then, Rossini has been a holistic lifestyle coach and she develops personalized coaching programs, based on her client’s needs. Her main goal is to teach people the art of living in harmony and balance, working and taking care of their body, mind and spirit. She works in partnership with specialists in natural medicine.

“We treat diseases with a holistic approach, using different types of therapies, such as clean nutrition, Ayurveda, raw nutrition, energy healing, stress management, positive psychology and techniques to change life behaviors, among others, together with doctors, to help our patients balance their mind and spirit in their healing processes,” concluded Rossini.

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October 10, 2018

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