Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

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Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

By Karla Rensch

Whether living in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, and regardless of cultural background, human beings share a common behavior – finding the availability to go out and enjoy the sun. In reality, summer is the most anticipated season of the year.

In some European countries, as well as in the United States, school vacations last for almost three months. Children don’t have a set of mandatory activities, so they can enjoy summer to the fullest extent. Summer is synonymous with fun, a time to make memories, travel and go camping, among other exciting activities. Parents may not always have a vacation around that time, so they focus on making free time to enjoy the sunny season with the family.

But what about when heat waves knock at your door? What are the basic skin care steps you should follow? What can we do to prevent health risks during the summer season? The sun is a contributor to aging and can be harmful in excess.

There is a global concern about sun exposure damage caused by the lack of sunscreen protection. Such damage may range from simple heatstroke and sunburn to skin cancer. Exposure to excessively high temperatures is serious and applying sunscreen is rule number one. An intense effort to use sunscreen protection has become a daily rule for many families. We should not leave the house without sunscreen and remember to apply it on the neck, the ears, hidden body areas and feet.

Unlike U.S. Americans, many middle-aged Brazilians have not been taught early on about this basic and essential care. However, education has gradually influenced people’s behavior. Today, the new generations of Brazilians don’t leave home without protection. I am sure their skin is grateful!

In addition to several sunscreen brands and SPF protection available, there are also different types of fabric developed to protect skin against sun damage. Every year, the fashion industry launches creative and beautiful clothing designed for sun protection in light and breathable fabrics.

However, we must be aware about exposure to the sun among adults as well as children, especially in excessively high temperatures. Palliative care is always welcome. The sun can be amazing as well as dangerous. The truth is that the ideal is right in between; so enjoy the sun but don’t forget to wear a hat and drink lots of water. A hydrated body is a healthy and happy body.


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July 19, 2018

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