Getting Ready for the Sunny Days

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Getting Ready for the Sunny Days


Spring is here and we are gradually replacing our heavy winter wardrobe with lighter pieces of clothing that expose a bit more of skin. During that season, professionals in the hair removal businesses are often in high demand.

Most women are not fond of extra body hair, and spas and other facilities that offer hair removal services are constantly packed in the springtime.

Nowadays, thanks to scientific advances, it is possible to use lasers to remove undesirable hair using a process that is virtually painless. The technology available on the market and others being introduced provide a nearly pain-free experience.

But what is laser hair removal (LHR)?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. The first hair removal machine was created in 1970. That technology, however, was ineffective, throbbing and restricted.

In 1983, Anderson and Parrish introduced the original theory of selective photothermolysis, revolutionizing the physics principal of the laser process with more efficiency.

Today, there are several different types of painless laser hair-removal alternatives. The technique is also known as permanent hair removal, but that name is not necessarily accurate because the laser procedure does not guarantee the hair won’t grow again. The best name is long-term hair removal.

Dani Assis, a Brazilian from the town of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, is an esthetician. She graduated with a degree in business administration, with an emphasis on foreign trade, and she has a postgraduate degree in finance. She performs administrative work but shares that her great passion is esthetics. Assis has been living in the United States for only five years, but she has already become dear to many customers when they need hair removal and body and facial esthetics.

Assis works at the Urban Spa. located at 10 Nashville Road in Bethel, and also at Greenwich Pure Medical, in Greenwich, with Dr. Sarah Gamble. She loves what she does and is happy with the equipment she has chosen to work with.

“I decided to bet on the cutting-edge technology of the ice-cold tip laser [which is] pain free. I made the right choice. There is huge acceptance by my customers, and also by people who had problems with waxing because of the pain and problems with ingrown hair.” When customers come for their first session, Assis says that they enjoy it and always refer her to their friends. “And my customer base practically doubled. I’m very happy and available to answer any questions people may have. They can just contact me at (203) 482-285.”

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April 6, 2019

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