Planeta Brazil Now Open for Breakfast

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Planeta Brazil Now Open for Breakfast

By Angela Barbosa

The next time you rush out the door in the morning without something to eat, consider stopping at Planeta Brazil Bar & Grill, now opening at 5am for breakfast.

Whether you wake up with a big appetite for a hearty breakfast, or a fresh squeezed juice or fruit smoothie to give you that morning boost, Planeta Brazil offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches, a well-planned simple hot buffet, fresh fruit, green juice and much more, all made to order.

Partners Rubens Alves de Silva and Dom Carlo can attest to the fact that opening a restaurant is not easy; opening it at 5 am is even more challenging. However, they saw a need to serve their early-bird customers, especially workers in construction and landscaping businesses, who stop at the restaurant every morning on their way to work.

“I don’t have time to prepare breakfast or lunch to take to work. It makes my life much easier to stop here, and the food is good,” shared Jose Leite, a morning regular, while preparing his to-go breakfast along with co-workers João Gabriel, Marcio Adriano and Marcos Gomes. “Our whole company stops here. Usually we are about 10 to 16 workers.”

Breakfast sandwiches such bacon or sausage, egg and cheese or grilled ham and cheese are $3 and $4, and the hot buffet has a flat cost of $6 for a small container and $8 for the large, and you can serve as much food as you can fit in it. Cup of coffee is just a $1, any size.

The partners share their passion for the restaurant business with their morning cook, who has been working in the field for years. “I worked in restaurants in Brazil, too. Here, I noticed that our breakfast customers love rice and beans, but fried fish and fried chicken are also favorites,” explained breakfast cook Zenaide Soares. “Most morning customers work in heavy jobs, and that kind of food suits them.”

While Soares prepares the hearty food coming from the kitchen, Jessica Peralta takes care of fresh smoothies and juice orders, which are only $4 for a 16-oz. cup. Marino Franz is in charge of preparing and carving an amazing selection of tender meat served right from the barbecue pit.

“I walk in the neighborhood every morning, and I come to Planeta Brazil every day for my cup of coffee, cheese and fresh fruit. That’s all I need,” said James Manone. “I enjoy the food here, and I come in different days for lunch and dinner, too.”

Located at 48 Newtown Road in Danbury, Planeta Brazil is a traditional Brazilian steakhouse. Rubens has worked in the restaurant industry for years, but becoming an owner brings things to a whole new dimension. Dom Carlo also owns other businesses besides the steakhouse.

In addition to the fixed price all-you-can-eat self-service buffet, Planeta Brazil’s menu offers appetizers and sandwiches, as well as desserts. They also have a fairly extensive cocktail menu, with specialty drinks like caipirinhas, beer, wine and even desert cocktails.

Prices vary depending on the customer’s choice. From Monday thru Friday, you can opt for the all-you-can-eat buffet with different meat cuts from the barbecue pit for only $14.99 per person, or $19.99 on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to skip the meat, the hot buffet offers a great variety of side dishes by the pound for $7.49 Monday through Friday, and $8.49 Saturday and Sunday. There is always live music or karaoke on the weekends to spark this gastronomic journey.

“Planeta Brazil is a restaurant not only for my fellow Brazilians to enjoy, but also something that introduces the rest of the community to our culture. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I invite everyone to come and experience our food and service,” concluded Rubens.

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October 10, 2018

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