Mayor of Danbury for the Day: The Story of Fidel Hombra

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Mayor of Danbury for the Day: The Story of Fidel Hombra

By Mariana Silva

In this issue, Tribuna Newspaper has the pleasure to feature an interview with Fidel Hombra. Here is his life story.

Born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, Fidel Hombra began his journey in pursuit of his American Dream at a very young age. In 1982, at age 19, he left his country of origin and, accompanied by his mother, he moved to the United States.

“My grandmother and an aunt were already living here. We lived in New York for a few years and, in 1989, we moved to Danbury, and we have been here since,” he explains.

Fidel finds the strength he needs to continue striving in his family. He is the father of three children and has two grandchildren. “I like to be with my family and have an opportunity to share good moments by their side. I am very close to my grandson who lives with me; he is everything in my life.”

Work in Television

Forthcoming, happy and easygoing, Hombra loves communication. For 20 years, he has been a TV host of a program focused on the Latino community, and he is very proud of the work he has performed throughout those years.

“The program ‘We Are Latinos VIP’ is a project that has been working out. It is very gratifying to contribute to benefit the community, providing it with relevant information, entertainment [and] interviews with celebrities in our community. The program is broadcast live every Tuesday via Facebook and on TV as well,” he recounts.

Love and Respect for the Latino community

One of the things that makes him happy is the opportunity to assist the Latino community. “I love to help the community, to be able to provide information to the Latino people about what is going on. To know that I am helping a neighbor is one of the things that keeps me going. I don’t look for credit; I do it out of love.

And what about the American Dream? Hombra truly believes that the American Dream exists and that everyone can achieve it. “This country provides the tools to realize the American Dream, but a great deal of striving and willingness is needed, for nothing is achieved easily. I want to continue to fight for the ideals I believe in, and I still have a lot of work to do. The United States gives you the opportunity to be what you wish; you just have to make it happen,” he believes.

Mayor of Danbury for the Day

On February 27, the Independence Day of the Dominican Republic is celebrated and Hombra will be recognized by the city of Danbury. He has been chosen to be Mayor for the Day, a day that will leave a mark in his life. “I am very happy and I am sure that it will be a special day. I see that recognition as a challenge because it pushes me to continue to fight for the community. That encourages me to keep moving forward.”

Fidel sends a message to the immigrant community living in the country. “I pray that you will remain strong. We are not alone and together, we will move forward united. There is nothing to be afraid of because at the end, everything will be fine,” he concludes.

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February 23, 2017

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