A+ Driving School Helps Community Members Become Safe Drivers

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A+ Driving School Helps Community Members Become Safe Drivers

By Angela Barbosa

I believe that driving is one of the most useful skills in the world. It may not always be needed if you have access to good public transportation, but it certainly facilitates life in many different aspects. Finding the ideal driving school can sometimes be challenging and identifying a driving school that can meet your needs is crucial to achieve your goal to become a safe driver. 

With five years in the industry, Maria Giribaldo and Diego Claros Camacho saw the need for a Spanish speaking driving school in Connecticut since all the schools were Englishspeaking only.  

In 2018, they established A+ Driving School, a one-stop, family-owned and operated business.  

“A+ Driving School’s philosophy is to educate and guide students in the best way possible to obtain their license within a record time,” explained Giribaldo, Chief Executive Officer“We provide students with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed in the journey of getting their license.” 

The first picture starting from the left:  Diego Garcia driving instructor  , Diego claros chief operating officer , José Serrano driving instructor  , Maria Giribaldo chief executive officer , Zoraida Quintal executive assistant  , Julieth Beltran executive assistant.  

From the left:  Diego Garcia (driving instructor), Diego Claros Camacho (Chief Operating Officer), José Serrano (driving instructor), Maria Giribaldo (Chief Executive Officer), Zoraida Quintal (Executive Assistant), and Julieth Beltran (Executive Assistant).

The services offered at A+ are very comprehensive. In addition to basic drivinged course for beginners, and an advanced course for experienced drivers, they offer personalized training for students that are learning how to drive or students with bad driving habits, eight-hour mandatory drug and alcohol classes, DMV appointment scheduling, certified translations from Portuguese or Spanish to English for documents needed for the licensing process and car rental for the road test. 

“Our mission is to educate students with the fundamental training and skills to recognize threats to their safety and to others both inside and outside an operating motor vehicle,” shared Camacho, who oversees the business as its Chief Operating Officer.  

When asked about one of the problems faced in that industry, Giribaldo, who started in the driving school arena as an instructor, said without hesitation, “The biggest problem we encounter while helping non-U.S. citizens is that they often are misguided with information they acquire from friends or close relatives. Getting a driver’s license in the state of Connecticut will not interfere with anyone’s process of citizenship. 

As good advice to the community, Giribaldo and Camacho instruct everyone that needs to learn how to drive and obtain their driver’s license to always get their information from accredited driving schools 

“ADriving School helped me to get my license. The instructors were so knowledgeable about the process, and they took the time to explain everything needed it to get my license with no problems at all,” said student Ana Beltran of Norwalk, CT. 

From a family that has been involved in the community and assisted over 500 people since the inception of the business to go through the process of obtaining their licenses, Camacho and Giribaldo shared that their goal is to do much more. “The biggest challenge for us as a driving school is probably not having enough time during the day to help more people as we wish.” 

A+ Driving School is located at 11 Belden Avenue, Norwalk, CT, only 15 minutes from Danbury. For more information about their services, please call 203-667-9803 or 203-857-1750, or visit their website at www.aplusdrivingschools.com. 


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May 15, 2019

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