Art in Graphite

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Art in Graphite

By Karla Rensch

Art nurtures the soul and it is the direct way artists come into contact with their innermost, sacred selves.

As regards Brazilian art in Connecticut and the surrounding area, an interesting and highly renowned profile in social media comes to mind, a charismatic artist who disseminates her art through graffiti anywhere she goes.

Veronica Martins has been in the United States for more than 15 years. She came to restart her life and arrived with a suitcase full of dreams, a heart overflowing with hope and many ideas in her mind related to art and its many facets. She shares about growing up in a family of self-taught artists, with five out of seven siblings drawing and painting without ever going to art school.

The inspiration of this artist is divine, meaning sacred.

“I discovered my talent for art over 30 years ago. It was something very powerful, intimate and divine… A direct contact with my ‘true self,’” said Martins. “For me, art means a direct connection with the divine. Whether it is summer or winter, the season does not matter, for my heart keeps beating, and my inspiration keeps growing. Challenges are always present, but it doesn’t affect my work because I have a connection of love with God deep in my heart. I think we all have it!”

Martins believes that regardless of the kind of artistic preferences and how people exhibit them to the world, that somehow, we are all artists.

Through observing the routine of her teenage daughter and her constant interaction with electronic gadgets, Martins had the idea to launch a project named, “I Want to Be An Artist.” In 2013, the Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Council (BACC) selected Martins as The Artist of the Month for her project initiative.

The project offers eight classes, among them: The Mini Module, for children ages 5 to 7 years old; The Junior Module, for children between 8 and 13 years old; The Basic and Advanced Modules offered for teens from 14 up to 18 years old; The Adult Group and, the dearest to her, a class for children with autism.

Her project also offers drawing and painting classes, in which students utilize drawing techniques used by art schools, combined with Martin’s own personal techniques, developed during her life journey as an independent and self-taught artist.

Martin’s utmost goal is to go beyond the project and develop an art workshop in which different types of artisans and artists can gather. She hopes that this initiative will rescue some of the creative artistic aspects from our grandparents’ time and bring, in a subtle and interesting way, children, youth and adults together to experience the magical, rich and interesting world of art. Although classes are offered only twice a week, that still helps limit the time spent with the electronics that our current society is so dependent on and to awaken the hidden artist in everyone’s soul.

Martin is bringing the project “I Want to Be An Artist” to Danbury and Bridgeport in September with a possible expansion into the state of New Jersey.

For more information about her project, or to order your picture in graffiti, please call Martins at (203) 540-3198 or visit



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September 20, 2018

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