Adma Moura, New Brazilian Attorney Serving the Danbury Community

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Adma Moura, New Brazilian Attorney Serving the Danbury Community

By Karla Rensch

Migration is synonymous with opening horizons. Those who decide to become immigrants always carry baggage that is indeed heavy, but full of dreams and expectations. Nonetheless, apprehension of the unknown causes a lot of uncertainty.

To adjust to a culture that is not your own, to come out of your comfort zone and face unimaginable challenges, can be a scary thing. As far as the legal aspects are concerned, for the Brazilian community in Connecticut, that tension is well- addressed by businesses that provide legal aid, with a diverse range of qualified professionals that offer services to Brazilian immigrants in Portuguese. Initial consultations are completely free of charge.

For many years, attorney Adma Moura, for instance, has been part of Ventura Law, a reputable firm providing legal services to the community since 1957, with offices in Connecticut and New York. With a large group of attorneys, Ventura Law focuses on serving clients who have been injured in motor vehicle and workplace accidents, or as a result of defective drugs or medical devices. Its main office is headquartered in Danbury, where a significant number of Brazilians reside, and the firm has other offices in and out of state.

Moura is a mineira (a native of Minas Gerais) from Sabará, Brazil. She came to the United States in May 2003 in pursuit of her American Dream. While in Brazil, she began to study English at an early age and became a certified English teacher. Her love of mentoring others and her experience of witnessing those close to her struggle to find competent legal help in her community, inspired her to begin her legal career at the Universidade de Itauna in Brazil, where she received her law degree.

Moura was the first of her generation to graduate from college.

“I feel great sense of accomplishment as a woman and an immigrant, for today, I can give voice to the citizen who is silenced for fear, oppression, or even lack of knowledge of the law,” she stated.

Moura was not shy to roll up her sleeves and work hard to get where she is.

Within the more than eleven years that she has been with the firm, Moura was repeatedly promoted until, eventually, she became a senior paralegal in the personal injury department. In 2013, she decided to enroll in the University of Connecticut School of Law to pursue her LL.M. degree. This enhanced her desire and mission to continue helping clients who seek her assistance at Ventura Law, especially fellow Brazilians, answering their questions about U.S. laws and the rights that every resident has regardless of immigration status.

“To be able to help my community understand their situation according to the law of the United States fills my heart with joy. I never want to stop being a helpful instrument, so my community can continue to grow,” she concluded.


Attorney Adma Moura can be reached at (203) 800-8000. Ventura Law’s office is located at 235 Main Street in Danbury.



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July 6, 2018

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