American Dream Gala

Tribuna Newspaper, is a biweekly publication in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with the mission to build bridges and join cultures, by providing its readers with content that connects them with the communities where they live.

In the process of fulfilling that mission, we have come across compelling stories of immigrants, like Tribuna’s founder and publisher,  Celia Bacelar, who migrated to the U.S from Brazil twenty years ago, and faced many challenges along her journey to achieve her American Dream.

On April 19, 2014, in celebration of its 15th Anniversary, Tribuna created the American Dream Awards Gala, an annual awards ceremony designed to recognize members of the community who share in Tribuna’s founder’s story. Over 130 nominations of individuals from nine different countries were received and  before 320 guests in attendance, over $22,000 were given in scholarship awards to four recipients, donations to the Greater Danbury Hispanic Center and Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation.

“The event is an opportunity for all of us to come together and go beyond highlighting the cultural contributions of the immigrant community, and celebrate their determination in the pursuit of their American Dream.”
– Celia Bacelar, Tribuna Newspaper Publisher .

For more information on the nomination process, purchase tickets, and to learn more about sponsorship opportunities: call (203) 770-3708 or