Tribuna Newspaper, is a biweekly publication in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with the mission to build bridges and join cultures, by providing its readers with content that connects them with the communities where they live.

Through unique collaboration with an array of industry experts, community leaders, and institutions Tribuna offers columns on politics, health, consumer rights, public safety, law, immigration, parenting, beauty, nutrition, finance, arts and culture. Tribuna also provides in depth analysis of current state and national issues, and coverage of community events.

Our Team:
Publisher: Celia Bacelar – publisher@tribunact.com
Editor-in-Chief: Emanuela Palmares- editor@tribunact.com
Advertising Sales: Angela Barbosa – sales@tribunact.com

Our readers:
Our readers come from a full range of consumer types – professionals, blue collar workers, students and entrepreneurs. Our reader’s average age is estimated to be between 28-45 years old, with an average income of $36,000. Tribuna offers advertisers the best of both the traditional market as well as the Latino market. According to 2007-2011 U.S. Census data 20.1% of Western Connecticut are foreign born persons, and 27.7% speak a language other than English at home. Demographics: 43% male, 57% female; 33.7% Caucasian, 49.2% Latino, 17.1% other.

Tribuna in print is available in Greater Danbury, Greater Bridgeport, and Greater Waterbury and Naugatuck areas in more than 300 locations throughout Connecticut. The newspaper is distributed in public buildings, and business such as restaurants, medical offices and hospitals, hair salons, Laundromats, food stores, with a pass-along rate of 2-3 readers.